How to cancel a package/treatment

Your customer bought a treatment/package, they have done a few sessions, but for some reason, they don't want to continue and ask you to cancel it ...

So how can we do it?

  1. We delete the appointments of the treatment
  2. We cancel the receipt of the treatment
  3. We create a new transaction

We suppress the appointments of the cure

You won't be able to cancel the treatment if some sessions have been used.

This is why you have to start by removing the appointments made in the calendar for your customer's treatment. Indeed, the software uses these appointments to count the sessions already used, so if you want to cancel the treatment, you must first delete the appointments associated in the calendar.

You have a simple method for that (we're not going to go through everyday in the calendar to find them, no!).

Go to Customers and find the customer in question; Go to his tab "Visits".

The appointments of treatment have an amount of 0 €, so just click on the line(s) concerned. It will take you directly to the appointment in your calendar. You will then be able to delete it.

Write down the number of appointments made by your customer so you can report it correctly on the new receipt you will create.

Cancel the treatment's receipt

Once you have removed all appointments for this treatment, you will have to return to the receipt where you sold the treatment (you can go back again to the customer's file in the tab visits and click on the line with the treatment's symbol), then cancel the sale.

You need to indicate a reason for the cancellation: you may write down for example "the customer does not wish to continue with the treatment".

Write down the payments that have been made by your customer so you can report them correctly on the new receipt that you will create.

Note :

  • You will create a new transaction on the current date, so the amount of this sale will enter your turnover on the day that is opened in the till.
  • An accounting adjustment is generated for the cancellation of your receipt, this accounting adjustment will appear on the day opened in the till, you can write it down for futur reference and send it to your accountant at the end of the month.

Create a new transaction

You must then go to your Till and create a new transaction to record the sessions and payments already made by your customer.

Select your customer, and add the service(s) that your customer has already done. (If, for example, my customer bought a treatment for 10 sessions, and she did 3 of them, I will then add the service in question to the basket 3 times).

Usually, a treatment will be less expensive than the sum of its part. So, if the total amount of this new receipt does not match the price actually paid by the customer, you can change it or ask your customer to pay the difference, it's your choice.

Add the payment(s) that have already been made by your customer, modify the date of this(these) payment(s) if necessary, then click on checkout.

Here, my client paid 100£ on January 23rd. 3 sessions of the service cost usually 135£ , so I applied a discount have a total of 100£ .

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