Why and how to open and close days in the Till

Why does FlexyBeauty ask you to open and close days in the till?

This feature is an obligation of the finance law and the anti fraud mesure NF525. The purpose of the NF525 is to limit fraud by making it mandatory to chronologically track receipt numbers and restrict the ability to modify completed sales.
In respect of the NF525, you have to close days so that it is no longer possible to:

  • Delete without a trace an existing ticket
  • Add a new ticket on a closed day

Operating rules

  • By default the days are closed, you can go on a cash day and click on it to open it.
  • There can only be one open day at once.
  • All the receipt you create will go on the day that is open.
    Thus, for example, online payments for an appointment in the future will appear in the day that is open in the till.

  • You have to close one day before opening another (by clicking on the pencil or the day)

  • If you go on the Till the next day, the system will suggest that you close the previous day (if you have not already done so) and open a new day in one click. Note, if you indicate "no", you can continue to enter sales for the day before.
  • An online sale made on a closed day will automatically close the day before (if it has not already been closed) and open the current day.
  • It is not possible to make changes on a closed day that impact the turnover of that day. Therefore, it is not possible to add new sales to a day that you already closed. However, you can still change the payments and the staff members for a sale (manager mode only).
  • When you cancel a transaction that was entered on a day you closed, the software will generate an accounting adjustment on the day that is open. If the day has not been closed, no worries, the adjustment will be on the same day as the cancelled sale.

If I closed my day by mistake, can I reopen it?

No, but you can cancel transactions and change the payments in manager mode.

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