How to select multiple forms of payment for a receipt

With FlexyBeauty, you can enter more than one form of payment and enter installments for a transaction. You can also combine the two.

Once you have indicated the name of the customer and filled the basket, you can click on Other payments.

Using more than one form of payment :

You can indicate more than one form of payment.

To do so, first, indicate the first amount and then click on the corresponding form of payment.

Once the first form of payment chosen, you can add the second and so on.

Payments will be displayed like this:

For payments in installments :

First, you will to indicate the number of installments, then, click on the form of payment.

Next to the number of installments, you will have the amount per installment indicated.

Payments will be displayed like this:

Combine installments and another form of payment :

For example here, the customer pays right away 60£, and will pay the rest in installment.

So first, we indicate 60£ and click on Credit card.

Then, indicate the number of installments and click on Cheques.

You will then have the payments summary. You notice that the 2 cheques have different payment dates.

You can also watch the video:



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