How to add a button "Book now" to your Facebook page

Why should I put in place a button?

A button "Book now" will create a link between your Facebook page and your booking website.

This way, you will increase the number of customers likely to book online.


Points addressed in this tutorial :

  1. Website URL
  2. Add a button
  3. Modify a button
  4. Button set up

Website URL

To add a button on your Facebook page, you need to know your website's url.

If you have a domain name redirected to the Flexybeauty's website, then you can it as URL (

If not, you will find the website's URL in Website / Customize / Site access and URL.

Add a button

  • Then, go to you Facebook page and click on "Add a button"

Modify a button 

  • Place your arrow on your current button and click on Edit button.


  • A page opens; Click on "Edit" on the right of "Your button" to modify the button type.


Button set up

  • Select "Make a booking with you" and "Book now", and click on Next.

  • Click on Link to website and indicate your URL, then click on Save and Finish.



That's it ! You button is in place.



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