How to count down sessions of a treatment/package

To deduct the sessions, you will need to create the appointments in the calendar

Once the treatment is sold to your client, you can start to create appointments for the sessions of the treatment.

To do so, simply create an appointment in your calendar as you usually do by clicking on the time slot you want.

A window opens on the right side of your screen where you can enter the information for the appointment.

Select the existing customer, then simply click on "Customer's services", and click on the service with the symbol of the treatment.

Note: You will see on the service a number, next to the symbol of the treatment. It corresponds to the number of sessions left to use for this treatment.

You can then find on the customer's file, by clicking on their treatment (in his tab "treatment"), the number of sessions left.

For more details, you can consult this video:

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