How to sell a gift card

To sell a gift card, you have to go to Till> New receipt> Gift card

Then you have two types of gift card:

  • gift card with a value
  • gift card for a service

When you choose a gift card with a value , you can either choose:

  • one of the default amounts shown below,
  • or write down the amount you want in the "Amount" field and click on Ok.

When you choose a gift card for a service, you will indicate the service chosen by the customer.

Then, you will arrive on this page:

Here, you will have to:

1) Indicate the validity

2) Add the first name and surname of the beneficiary (customer who will use the gift card)

3) Click on the button "Add the gift card" (it will be added to the customer's file)

Then the gift card will appear in the customer's basket and you can indicate the payment method and click on check out.

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